Hidden Tracks Counselling  with  Mike  Thwaite

 A welcoming Counselling service in the heart of Falmouth 

Hello I am Mike.

If you are reading this you are probably looking for an experienced and approachable counsellor and perhaps feeling a bit anxious about choosing the right person for you. The best way to find out is to call me or  visit me for a free introductory chat and then we can decide if it feels right. After that, if you feel comfortable, we can start to work together to help you make the changes you wish for. You can have as few or as many 1 hour sessions as you would like and there is no pressure or time limit on frequency of sessions. This is a person centred approach which is entirely about helping you to find yourself and live the life you would like to  live.

There are a number of ways to access my services.

You can work with me in the tranquility of my relaxing therapy rooms in central Falmouth . 

I also offer skype or telephone counselling to anywhere in the world if you prefer this approach or live too far away to meet me.

Alternatively we can walk the beautiful byways and hidden tracks of Cornwall while talking and exploring the issues that matter to you most. and perhaps in the process finding new inner paths and ways of being.

Being outside can make it easier for some people to talk openly about their problems. 

The choice is entirely yours. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you wish to ask any questions before booking. 

Indoors or outdoors ? Together we can explore the issues that matter to you most , look at where they come from and help you find ways of moving forward or simply feeling clearer and more peaceful and relaxed.

Talking really can make a difference when the listener is empathic and experienced. Sometimes friends and family simply cant offer the non judgemental or in depth support you need.  I offer a safe environment where problems can be explored creatively and openly in absolute confidence.

I am a fully qualified counsellor / psychotherapist  and member of the BACP.  I have a person centred approach and a gentle and supportive style of counselling. I believe that empathy, compassion, acceptance and trust are essential for successful therapy. 

With skilled help it is possible to make significant changes to your life or to your feelings about yourself, changes you might never have thought possible

I provide a quiet and confidential therapeutic space the centre of Falmouth where together we can explore the issues you have to deal with in your life, look at what issues are worrying you in more depth and help you find ways of moving forward or simply improving your feelings of well being through. 

I have many years experience of providing emotional and therapeutic support to adults, students and children in counselling, educational and work settings. I have a warm and supportive nature, with a professional and caring approach. 

A little about me....

I  live with my family in  Falmouth enjoying walking and exploring the coast and countryside of our beautiful county of Cornwall.


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